Our New Office

To better meet the needs of our existing and potential clients, PennTerra has relocated its Capital Region team to a new office in the South Central Pennsylvania area.

Centrally located between Lancaster and York with easy access to Harrisburg, the PennTerra team is fully staffed and equipped with the most state-of-the-art design tools to meet our clients’ needs.

PennTerra’s Quick Response and Quality Services are proving to be an asset in the Marcellus Shale Industry

The booming Marcellus Shale Play in the northern tier of Pennsylvania is the latest segment of Pennsylvania’s economy which is using PennTerra’s services. Over the past year, PennTerra has preformed wetland delineations, surveyed gas well pad areas, water impoundment areas and pipeline runs and assisted in the permitting of numerous Marcellus projects in the northern parts of Pennsylvania. Our quick turnaround time and knowledge of the process are proving to be strong points in this important energy market and we look forward to expanding our services as the market grows.